The conference will mainly be online.

Madeira, Portugal

SIIDS is taking place in Funchal, Madeira island’s capital, Portugal. Funchal is a bustling city surrounded by nature, sitting between the deep blue of the ocean and the lush green of the mountains behind, with a multitude of museums, bars and restaurants to visit.

Madeira is well connected to the continent with regular short hop flights to Lisbon International Airport, and less frequent direct connections to other major cities in Portugal and to London, Amsterdam, Berlin and other European cities. It has a modern airport 25 kilometers from the center of Funchal, the capital city, and possesses a safe and modern network of highways and tunnels which facilitate rapid travel by car.
Portuguese national carrier is TAP. Funchal also enjoys direct connections to much of Europe and beyond through carriers such as Easyjet (UK), Transavia (France) and SATA (Ireland, Denmark, Sweden).
To get to and from the airport you can:
• Take the Shuttle bus airport – you may book it online through the following service: http://www.madeira-airport-transfers.com
• Aerobus (5 euros)
• Take a taxi (around 40 euros)
• Rent a car (around 50 euros/day)

We strongly recommend SIIDS attendees to fly into Madeira one/two days before the symposium, as due to specific meteorological conditions, flights to the island get canceled or delayed quite often.

Where to stay:

Funchal Youth Hostel
Hotel Catedral: http://www.hotel-catedral-funchal.madeiravive.com/
Hotel Orquídea: https://www.hotelorquidea.com/
Hotel do Carmo: https://www.hoteldocarmomadeira.com/
Hotel Madeira: http://hotelmadeira.com/
(many other affordable places can be found at sites such as booking.com and AirBnB)

Symposium location – Madeira Tecnopolo

Madeira Tecnopolo
Polo Científico e Tecnológico da Madeira
9020-105 Funchal

How to get to Madeira Tecnopolo:

Some of the buses that pass near Madeira Tecnopolo are: 12, 13, 15, 15B, 42, 46, 49 (map).
Madeira Tecnopolo is also walking distance from the center (~30 minutes)

COVID-19 Information

We also would like to warn you about the current COVID-19 rules to
travel to Madeira, being the most important:

-Filling out and submitting the epidemiological survey
Survey available at : https://madeirasafe.com
All passengers must complete the Regional Health Authority’s (IASAÚDE)
The form should be filled in previously to the trip, between 48 and 12
hours before boarding.
The survey is available at the Regional Health Authority’s website and,
will also be accessible through airlines’ websites that so consent.

-COVID-19 disease test
• All passengers on flights from abroad, who carry a negative PCR test
for COVID-19 disease, carried out within 72 hours prior to departure, in
laboratories certified by national or international authorities, upon
disembarkation, may proceed to their destination, upon presentation of
the respective report, which can also be submitted in advance, together
with the epidemiological survey, at www.madeirasafe.com;

• Passengers disembarked at airports in the Autonomous Region of
Madeira, who have not performed a PCR test for COVID-19 disease, will do
so at the airport, upon arrival, with a maximum period of 1 hour
estimated for the completion of the inherent process. After performing
the PCR test, passengers will proceed to their destination, where they
must wait for the result, in confinement, and will be informed of the
result within an estimated period of 12 hours.

• In exceptional cases of refusal to perform the test on arrival,
passengers will have to comply with voluntary isolation, for a period of
14 days, at their home or at the hotel where they are staying, and if
the accommodation is less than 14 days, the confinement will have the
duration of the accommodation period. Or, still, return to the
destination of origin or any other destination outside the territory of
the Autonomous Region of Madeira, complying, until the time of the
flight, isolation at home or in the hotel where they are staying. In
these cases, accommodation costs will be charged to the traveller.

  • On August 1, the mandatory use of a community mask, to protect against
    the COVID-19 disease, was determined in the Autonomous Region of
    Madeira, in public spaces or areas, of access, during the period of
    stay, or of public use or similar, with the following exceptions:

a) Children up to 10 years old;
b) Incapacitated persons (who present difficulty in putting/removing the
mask without assistance);
c) During sports practice;
d) Beaches, bathing areas and complexes and as well as sea access
points, with the exception to the sanitary facilities where the use of a
mask is mandatory, complying with the specific regulations.
e) During any physical and/or leisure activity which requires physical
f) Recreational and sporting activities in forest areas and along the
recommended walking routes, complying with the rules of social
distancing and the specific regulations.

We recommend you to check regularly the following links for updated
information about the COVID-19 regulations in Madeira: