Proceedings SIIDS 2020

Extended Abstracts

All SIIDS 2020 papers are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution license

Hybrid Real-Time Visual Music
Zsolt Gyenes

terre: An Online VR Installation for Critical Reflection on Machine Learning and Audiovisual Media
Hugo Scurto

Sketching Sonic Trajectories
Julian Scordato, Marco Barberis and Nicolò Matteo

Sonic and Visual Relationships: The Mind, Contemporary Composition and Complex Signals
Luís Arandas, Mick Grierson and Miguel Carvalhais

Virtual reality and audiovisual experience in the AudioVirtualizer
Adinda van ‘T Klooster and Nick Collins

Agency and “object specific” creative processes in experimental sound practices
Magno Caliman

Approaches to Immersion and Interaction in Virtual Procedural and Orchestrated Space
Jules Rawlinson

Alignment of Rhythms in Live Coded Audio-Visual Performance
Kate Sicchio, Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo and Melody Loveless

Synchronized Multi-Channel Audio for Multi-User Augmented Reality
Robert Fraher

Sound, image and more: a synaesthetic design strategy to alleviate pain in hospitals
Davide Antonio Gambera, Dina Riccò and Emília Duarte

Design Strategies for a Hybrid Video Synthesizer
Sourya Sen and Nuno N. Correia

AcouRe: Streamlining the generation of immersive soundscapes from monophonic sources
Catarina Cruz, Eduardo Magalhães and Gilberto Bernardes

Parallel Voices: Recreating the micro-temporal rhythms of computing as an audiovisual performance
Simon Blackmore

Web-based dynamic visualization of rhythmic latent spaces
Gabriel Vigliensoni, Esteban Maestre and Rebecca Fiebrink

Reformulating Somnium: Re-Arranging Electroacoustic Work
Margaret Schedel and Susie Green

Designing Collaborative and Mediated Experiences with Networked Circuit-Bent Devices
Anthony T. Marasco, Tate Carson and Matthew A. Bardin

Signals at the Edge of Control: Co-composing with Plants and Data in Tactile Potentials
Rewa Wright and Simon Howden

Constrained and un-costrained embodied interaction with audiovisual feedback during vocal performance
Balandino Di Donato

Analysing Gesture in Audiovisual Performance
Mark Pedersen, Brigid Burke and Roger Alsop