4th September, 2020

The schedule is in Portugal time: UTC+01:00 (same as UK)

10:00 The Exhibition will be made available online at

12:45 Opening Session [on Zoom]

13:00-14:30 Keynote – Thor Magnusson [on Zoom]

14:30-15:00 BREAK

15:00-16:00 Paper Session 1 [on Zoom]

  • terre: An Online VR Installation for Critical Reflection on Machine Learning and Audiovisual Media 
    Hugo Scurto
  • Virtual reality and audiovisual experience in the AudioVirtualizer 
    Adinda van ‘T Klooster and Nick Collins
  • Approaches to Immersion and Interaction in Virtual Procedural and Orchestrated Space 
    Jules Rawlinson
  • Sound, image and more: a synaesthetic design strategy to alleviate pain in hospitals 
    Davide Antonio Gambera, Dina Riccò and Emília Duarte
  • Designing Collaborative and Mediated Experiences with Networked Circuit-Bent Devices 
    Anthony T. Marasco, Tate Carson and Matthew A. Bardin
  • Analysing Gesture in Audiovisual Performance 
    Mark Pedersen, Brigid Burke and Roger Alsop

16:00-16:30 BREAK

16:30-17:30 Paper Session 2 [on Zoom]

  • Sketching Sonic Trajectories 
    Julian Scordato, Marco Barberis and Nicolò Matteo
  • Agency and “object specific” creative processes in experimental sound practices 
    Magno Caliman
  • Synchronized Multi-Channel Audio for Multi-User Augmented Reality 
    Robert Fraher
  • AcouRe: Streamlining the generation of immersive soundscapes from monophonic sources 
    Catarina Cruz, Eduardo Magalhães and Gilberto Bernardes
  • Web-based dynamic visualization of rhythmic latent spaces 
    Gabriel Vigliensoni, Esteban Maestre and Rebecca Fiebrink
  • Reformulating Somnium: Re-Arranging Electroacoustic Work 
    Margaret Schedel and Susie Green

17:30-18:00 BREAK

18:00-19:10 Paper Session 3 [on Zoom]

  • Hybrid Real-Time Visual Music
    Zsolt Gyenes
  • Sonic and Visual Relationships: The Mind, Contemporary Composition and Complex Signals 
    Luís Arandas, Mick Grierson and Miguel Carvalhais
  • Alignment of Rhythms in Live Coded Audio-Visual Performance 
    Kate Sicchio, Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo and Melody Loveless
  • Design Strategies for a Hybrid Video Synthesizer 
    Sourya Sen and Nuno N. Correia
  • Parallel Voices: Recreating the micro-temporal rhythms of computing as an audiovisual performance 
    Simon Blackmore
  • Constrained and un-costrained embodied interaction with audiovisual feedback during vocal performance 
    Balandino Di Donato
  • Signals at the Edge of Control: Co-composing with Plants and Data in Tactile Potentials
    Rewa Wright and Simon Howden